• We are a family church. Our main ministry activity and focus is toward children, youth and families.  We are a relatively young congregation with the bulk of our internal ministry activity and effort being directed toward children and youth ministries.  Major projects that we embrace for the future have to be in step with this reality.


  • We are a larger family. Therefore, small group participation is an essential part of church life for care, nurture and connection.  Also, our structures and leadership models need to adapt to the unique features of a bigger church.


  • We are an organised family. As we grow we will have to have a greater emphasis upon the importance of ministry teams and participation in small groups so that we ‘grow smaller as we grow larger’.


  • We are a family where everyone ministers. The role of the pastors will increasingly have to move away from the direct delivery of ministry, more toward leadership training and equipping of ministry leaders.  We expect everyone to have at least one ministry that they contribute to.


  • We are a contemporary family. As we grow we are going to have to be more deliberate about connecting with and being relevant to contemporary culture especially in our worship style.


  • We are a spiritual family. We exist for the glory of God and the extension of His rule.  Our aim is to see everyone in our circle of influence moving toward maturity in Jesus Christ as well as identifying, developing and exercising our own spiritual gifts.


  • We are a healing family. We encourage and equip people with resources to be able to bring healing and wholeness to those parts of life that have been affected by pain or wounding.


  • We are a family that passes on the baton


  • We recognise the God-given responsibility that parents have in training their children in the things of God.  We are intentional in equipping, resourcing, encouraging and partnering with parents to better engage their children in spiritual matters as a whole community.